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Nancy Clutter, considered the darling of the town, was an excellent student and musician. She was known for her kindness, intelligence, and diligence to her duties as class president and leader of Holcomb's 4-H program. Kenyon Clutter was known as a bit of a loner Kenyon Clutter Characteristics. Kenyon Clutter is a 15- year-old teenager living in Holcomb, Kansas. He is the youngest in his family of six. Kenyon is the son of Herbert Clutter and Bonnie Clutter. He has 3 sisters, Eveanna, Beverly and, Nancy. Kanyon spends a lot of time in the basement, where he messes around with his inventions and builds. Little is known about Bonnie Clutter. She is the mother of Evanna, Beverly, Nancy and Kenyon, and the wife of Herb Clutter. She suffered with pretty severe depression, and Herb and Bonnie generally slept in different rooms, though kept a decent marriage. Like the rest of the family, she is still well liked and respected throughout the community

Nancy Clutter was a play cast member, and Kenyon Clutter was one of his English students. The murder was commemorated by a best-selling book by Truman Capote titled In Cold Blood, which. Genealogy for Kenyon Neal Clutter (1944 - 1959) family tree on Geni, with over 225 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surname Kenyon had built the chest himself : a mahogany hope chest, lined with cedar, which he intended to give Beverly as a wedding present' Second person reflexive pronoun, generosity Nancy because it was a place where she could entertain 'the gang' without disturbing her mother, and Kenyon because he could be alone Nancy and Kenyon Clutter My personal connection The relationship between them 'Nancy loved Kenyon specially' - page 51 'Closer then most brothers and sisters' - page 51 Who does the reader feel more sympathy for? Context Kenyon Who do you feel more sympathy for? Nancy 'As usual

Kenyon Clutter was on a couch near the room where Herb Clutter's body was found. Bonnie and Nancy were both located on the upper floor of the house in separate bedrooms. It was a terrible sight. And Kenyon Clutter, 15, the baby of the family and a loner, loved his solitude, and he loved to disassemble electronic gadgets and then put them back together again. The teenager knocked on the front door but got no answer. She felt that was strange. Everyone should be awake inside Eveanna, Beverly, Nancy, and Kenyon Clutter. 5. Nancy Clutter's boyfriend Bobby Rupp said that he looked up to her father as a role model despite that the book alleged Herb Clutter pressured Nancy to break up with Bobby because he was Catholic and the Clutters were Methodists. 6 Family and friends reminisce about Kenyon Clutter.#ColdBlooded #TheClutterFamilyMurders #SundanceTVSubscribe to SundanceTV: http://goo.gl/GTzxOZCold Blooded:..

Kenyon Clutter: Der jüngste Spross der Familie wurde im Keller seines Elternhauses in Holcomb mit einem großkalibrigen Gewehr erschossen. Die Ermittler fanden die Leiche neben Kenyons Vater, dem. Evaluate your understanding of who Kenyon Clutter is in the book In Cold Blood with this quiz and worksheet combo. You'll revisit how old Kenyon is in the story and his characteristics Kenyon Neal Clutter (28 août 1944 - 15 novembre 1959), 15 ans, était le plus jeune enfant (de quatre) et le seul fils de Herb et Bonnie Clutter. Les autorités ont trouvé Kenyon sur un canapé ; il avait été ligoté, bâillonné et abattu d'une balle dans la tête. Kenyon avait été tué par Perry Smith

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  1. Ever since it debuted in 1966, In Cold Blood has invited conjecture about what Capote left out of the story and whether it was really the definitive account of the shotgun deaths of Bonnie and Herb Clutter and their teenage children, Nancy and Kenyon, at the hands of intelligent lowlifes Perry Smith and Richard Hickock
  2. In Cold Blood (TV Mini Series 1996) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more
  3. Open instrument cases and pencil-marked scores add creative clutter to the décor in Storer Hall, home of the music department. Whether you're majoring in music or just playing (or singing, or composing) for enrichment and fun, you will make yourself at home here. For Kenyon's many instrumental and vocal ensembles, Storer provides a large.
  4. De vrouw van Clutter, Bonnie, was een lid van de lokale tuinclub. Zij was echter depressief sinds de geboorte van haar kinderen. In de vroege uren van zondag 15 november 1959 werden Herb, Bonnie, Nancy en Kenyon Clutter vermoord, nadat zij eerst vastgebonden waren

Kenyon Clutter. Main Character. Back to characters. The youngest of the Clutter children, he was a quiet, lonely type with only one friend (who he rarely got to see after his friend got a girlfriend). He was considered to be very intelligent and was gifted at building and modifying electronic devices and machines. He was murdered the same as. They believed a cellmate when he told them one of his former employers, a farmer named Herb Clutter, was rich and kept his money in a home safe. It was a tall tale, told by an idiot, to two other morons who believed it. Hickock and Smith executed Herb, his wife Bonnie Mae, and the couple's two teenage children, Kenyon and Nancy Kenyon is not in the least Mr. Clutter's son but rather Bonnie's child, a sensitive and reticent boy (Capote, 39) and Bonnie suffers from postnatal depression. However, his eldest daughter is wed with children and Nancy is a great student, musician, baker, etc

(Capote makes it clear that Dick and Perry have possession of both Kenyon's radio and Herb Clutter's binoculars.) Finally, footprints, with a diamond shaped shoe pattern, are discovered in the basement, where Herb and Kenyon Clutter were murdered. Still another puzzle piece that baffles investigators is the positioning of the Clutter family's. Nancy Clutter. Daughter of Herb Clutter and Bonnie Clutter, sister of Eveanna Jarchow, Beverly English, and Kenyon Clutter. Girlfriend to Bobby Rupp, best friends with Susan Kidwell. Murdered by Perry Smith and Dick Hickok. Nancy is 16 years old and the town darling. The Clutter Family Murders Quiz. This quiz in on the 1959 murders of Kansas farmer, Herbert Clutter, his wife, Bonnie, and two of their children, Nancy and Kenyon. It also includes questions on their cold blooded killers, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock. Average score for this quiz is 12 / 20. Difficulty: Average. Played 3,006 times. As of Jul 12 21 Mr. Clutter and Kenyon. Dick then shot Nancy, and finally Mrs. Clutter. Arriving in Garden City, a large crowd watches the criminals walk from the police cars into the jail. Part IV: The Corner Dick and Perry are kept separately in the jail, which is also the home of the assistan


The negatives are the brutal murders of Herb and Bonnie Clutter, their daughter, Nancy, 16, and son, Kenyon, 15, and, to make it all worse, what the daughters and others say are Capote's. Herb Clutter Character Analysis. Herb Clutter. Proprietor of River Valley Farm, husband to Bonnie Clutter, and father of Eveanna Jarchow, Beverly English, Nancy Clutter, and Kenyon Clutter. Murdered by Perry Smith and Dick Hickok. Herb is a devout Methodist, a hard worker, and a valued citizen of Holcomb, Kansas Photos from history: Kansas family murdered in cold blood. On Nov. 15, 1959, four members of the Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas, were found murdered in their home. The brutal farmhouse slayings in which the victims were bound and shot, gripped the nation and shattered its sense of security. Ex-convicts Richard Hickock and Perry Smith were. People/Characters: Kenyon Clutter. People/Characters by cover : Works (1) Titles: Order: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote: Character description. Related people/characters. Bobby Rupp. Alvin Dewey. Harold Nye. Perry Edward Smith. Richard Eugene Hickock. Roy Church. Susan Kidwell. Clarence Duntz. Roland H. Tate. Herb Clutter

About This Quiz & Worksheet. Evaluate your understanding of who Kenyon Clutter is in the book In Cold Blood with this quiz and worksheet combo. You'll revisit how old Kenyon is in the story and. The Clutter's home via crimearchives.net. Bonnie and Nancy were found in the rooms they had gone to sleep in that night, but Herb and his 15-year-old son, Kenyon were discovered in the basement O crime: o assassinato de quatro membros da família Clutter (Herb Clutter, o pai; Bonnie Clutter, a mãe e Kenyon e Nancy Clutter, ainda adolescentes). A história foi contada por Truman Capote no livro A Sangue Frio, clássico do Jornalismo Literário e considerado a obra que abriu o movimento do New Journalism americano Herb Clutter, 48, his wife, Bonnie, 45, son Kenyon, 15, and daughter, Nancy, 16 (Bettmann/Getty Images) A modern home that was the pride of its communit He was murdered, along with his wife Bonnie Mae Clutter, and their children Kenyon and Nancy, by two paroled ex-convicts in their home in Holcomb, Kansas in November 1959. The story around their murders and subsequent trial of their killers was made famous when they were depicted in writer Truman Capote's 1966 true crime novel In Cold Blood

Kenyon Clutter: Kenyon Clutter was the youngest son of Herbert and Bonnie Clutter at the age of 15. He loved to build and create objects and was very intelligent. Kenyon was a tall boy with a skinny build, preventing him from engaging in any sports. He was an awkward teenager, who was naiive and not yet fully matured Nancy Clutter: Sixteen years old. Straight A student. Accomplished like her father, Herbert Clutter. Described as the perfect all-American girl next door. Dating Bobby Rupp. Kenyon Clutter: Youngest of the Clutter children. Fifteen years old Jun 5, 2016 - The brutal murders of Christine and Cliff Walker and their two children in Osprey, Florida had long been connected to Richard Hickock and Perry Smith of In Cold Blood infamy

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  1. ed to leave no witnesses aliveto blast hair all over them walls
  2. Siblings: Nancy Clutter, 16 (left), and her 15-year-old brother Kenyon Clutter were killed with their parents in Kansas in 1959, a quadruple homicide documented in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.
  3. Soft spoken. I thought so right up to the moment I cut his throat.[4] Kenyon, Nancy, and then Mrs. Clutter were also murdered, each by a single shotgun blast to the head. Hickock and Smith left the crime scene with a small portable radio, a pair of binoculars, and less than fifty dollars in cash. Read More > Add Review
  4. Describe Kenyon Clutter. In Cold Blood, describe Kenyon Clutter. Kenyon, who is fifteen, is more solitary than his sister, and uninterested in dating, preferring to spend his time in the Clutters' basement workshop, where he does carpentry and mechanical projects. He also hunts rabbits, and spends time in his pickup truck with his best friend.
  5. A new docuseries forms a broader portrait of (main, from l-r) Kenyon, Nancy, Bonnie Mae (seated) and Herbert Clutter, who were killed in 1959 by Perry Smith (top left) and Dick Hickock (bottom left

AN ORECK authorized dealer selling quality vacuums with excellent service. Vacsre will quickly become your favorite vacuum store. With a selection of upright vacuums, canister vacuums, handheld vacuums as well as air purifiers. We service the entire US Nancy, 16, Kenyon, 15, and their parents Herbert, 47, and Bonnie, 44, were brutally murdered inside their home by two ex-convicts that were on parole. Another inmate inside the prison in which they were released from told them he use to work for Herb Clutter, the father of Nancy and Kenyon Kenyon Clutter- The youngest Clutter child. Dick Hickock- One of the killers. Perry Smith- The other killer. Bobby Rupp- Nancys Boyfriend. Dewy- The detective on the case, who becomes infatuated because he has a family in a small town as well. Susan Kidwell-Nancys bestfriend who realizes Nancy is missin Privacy. 2021 All Rights Reserved by Barry Bow The brutal 1959 murders of Herbert and Bonnie Clutter and two of their children, Nancy and Kenyon, were chronicled in Truman Capote's In Cold Blood and a 1967 movie directed by Richard Brooks

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Kenyon Clutter. Drew And Mike - April 5, 2021 . April 5, 2021 Drew Lane. ML 4 Detroit Elrick joins us, Hunter Biden on the interview circuit, Piers Morgan breaks his silence, MLB v. Georgia, Hulu's WeWork doc, Trump Cameo, John Conyers' new child, and a Hash Bash battle. Marc's mom hates long intro music They were Eveanna Marie Clutter Mosier, born June 26, 1936; Beverly Jean Clutter English, born October 11, 1939, Nancy Mae Clutter, born January 2, 1943 and Kenyon Neal Clutter, born August 28, 1944. Herb and Bonnie were community and project leaders for Sherlock Strivers 4-H Club for many years Clutter family home, where the bodies of Herb and Kenyon Clutter were. Posted by sikatansakira at 18:43. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: desktop, desktop pictures, nature photos, photos of nature, pictures, scenery images, scenic photos, wildlife photography Herb Clutter. The prominent and respected owner and proprietor of River Valley Farm, Herb is the patriarch of the Clutter family, husband to Bonnie Clutter and father to four children: Eveanna, Beverly, Nancy and Kenyon. He is a generous employer, and an active churchgoer and die-hard community booster (21)

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Kenyon Neal Clutter (1944-1959), era el hijo menor del matrimonio, y al igual que su hermana, participaba en las reuniones del club 4-H. Eveanna y Beverly eran las hijas mayores de los Clutter. Cuando ocurrieron los asesinatos, ellas ya no vivían en el hogar paterno, pues Eveanna había contraído matrimonio, formando su propia familia, y. Kenyon Clutter - An awkward 15-year-old, Kenyon loves to tinker with carpentry and machines.This Family was very beloved and when the town heard about this they were shocked, surprised, and sad. I think that the clutter family belong in middle class because Mr.Clutter owns a farm and that his fruit trees bring him money and wealth The prominent and respected owner and proprietor of River Valley Farm, Herb is the patriarch of the Clutter family, husband to Bonnie Clutter and father to four children: Eveanna, Beverly, Nancy and Kenyon. He is a generous employer, and an active churchgoer and die-hard community booster (21) Bonnie Clutter. Wife of Herb Clutter, mother of Eveanna Jarchow, Beverly English, Nancy Clutter, and Kenyon Clutter. Murdered by Perry Smith and Dick Hickok. Bonnie is a nervous woman who has a history of post-partum depression and other mental illnesses, all of which were treated with little to no success Kenyon Clutter- Youngest son of the Clutter family that was killed. He was a teenager innovator, with little success but had an adventurous side, with future dreams that did not evolve taking over his fathers pride and joy, the River Valley Farm. Nancy Clutter- honorable student, well evolved in clubs, and was always busy doing something. She.

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  1. In koelen bloede, Een waargebeurd verhaal van een meervoudige moord en zijn consequenties, (In Cold Blood: A True Account of a Multiple Murder and Its Consequences) is een boek uit 1966 van de Amerikaanse schrijver Truman Capote.In de moderne literatuur was dit boek de eerste non-fictieroman. Capote baseerde zich op waargebeurde feiten en vertelt het verhaal van de Clutters uit Holcomb (Kansas)
  2. 1967 In Cold Blood Kenyon Clutter Edit Personal Details. Other Works: He directed the play, Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weil, at the Halycon Repertory Company Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, with Madeleine Weston. Scott Harlan was the musical director. See more » Edit.
  3. Until her murder at age 16, Nancy Clutter was everyone's friend. And she was Bob Rupp's first love. Bobby, Nancy and her 15-year-old brother, Kenyon, watched television and relaxed. After.
  4. La primera persona a la que mataron en el sótano fue el Señor Clutter, a causa una cortada en la garganta y un disparo en la cabeza, posteriormente, al otro lado del lugar, estaba atado y amordazado Kenyon, al que Smith asesinó disparándole en la nariz
  5. Kenyon E. Parks is a photographer from New York. He was Melanie Martinez's earliest known boyfriend that she dated in mid-2011. Not much is known about him or their relationship. Kenyon and Melanie participated in a photoshoot together on July 21st, 2011, photographed byChelsea Borsack. Although they broke up, the two still follow each other on Instagram, which could indicate that it was a.
  6. Kenyon Neal Clutter, at the age of fifteen, passed away in his childhood home on November fifteenth nineteen fifty-nine. As many people know Kenyon along with several of his other family members was killed by being shot in the head. Kenyon was born on the twenty-eighth of August in nineteen forty-four

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Kenyon Clutter is in the basement recreational room, working on a hope chest for one of his older sisters. Kenyon is fifteen; he is interested in cars and tinkering with inventions, but not in girls. He and his best friend sometimes go out in his car, the Coyote Wagon, to round up coyotes HOLCOMB - Herb, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon Clutter were remembered as valuable members of the Holcomb community, a family that was always willing to help their neighbors, their church and their school The Clutters—Herbert, Bonnie, Nancy and Kenyon—were found in different rooms of their home, tied up and shot dead. On December 30, 1959, Hickock and Smith were arrested in Las Vegas, NV, and brought back to Kansas. They were tried, found guilty of the murders of the Clutter family and executed by hanging on April 15, 1965, in Lansing, KS. Herb Clutter, 48, his wife, Bonnie, 45, son Kenyon, 15, and daughter, Nancy, 16 (Bettmann/Getty Images) A modern home that was the pride of its communit The Nov. 15, 1959, murders of Herb and Bonnie Clutter and their 16-year-old daughter, Nancy, and 15-year-old son, Kenyon, have been getting renewed attention. Last weekend the Sundance TV channel.

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  1. The Clutter home is on the southwestern outskirts of Holcomb, near the bed of the Arkansas River. Herb Clutter built the house in 1948 and there, he, wife, Bonnie; daughter Nancy, 16; and son Kenyon, 15, died at the hands of Richard Hickock and Perry Smith
  2. Two ex-convicts recently paroled from the Kansas State Penitentiary, Richard Eugene Dick Hickock and Perry Edward Smith, robbed and murdered Herb, Bonnie, Nancy, and Kenyon in the early morning hours of November 15, 1959. How old was Nancy Clutter when she died? 48 years (1911-1959) Herbert Clutter/Age at deat
  3. g community of Holcomb, Kansas
  4. Kenyon Clutter: Kenyon Clutter, 14, is the Clutters' only son and becomes a murder victim. Read More: Perry Smith: Perry Smith is one of the men who murders the Clutter family and is later hanged for the crime. Read More: Dick Hickock: Dick Hickock is one of the men who murders the Clutter family and is later hanged for the crime
  5. el américain reconnu coupable d'avoir assassiné Herbert, Bonnie, Nancy et Kenyon Clutter avec l'aide de son complice, Richard Hickock (surnommé Dick), durant la nuit du 14 au 15 novembre 1959.Ce crime fut rendu célèbre par Truman Capote dans son roman-réalité De sang-froid publié en 1966 et par le film de Richard Brooks.
  6. BODY BIOGRAPHY CHARACTERS - IN COLD BLOOD -- Fill in this information for these characters in preparation for Monday's activity. HERB CLUTTER BONNIE CLUTTER KENYON CLUTTER NANCY CLUTTER DICK HICKOCK PERRY SMITH The Head: What does this character think about most
  7. Kenyon Clutter: Kenyon Clutter was 14 when he was murdered. Like Nancy, Kenyon was an over achiever. He was a member of the 4-H Club. In his free time he invented things. He was much quieter and less social than his sister. He only had one really good friend, who was in the grade above him

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  1. They arrived at the Clutter home early on the morning of the 15th and broke into the home while the family was sleeping. Herbert Clutter and his wife Bonnie were quickly tied up, as were teenagers Nancy Mae and Kenyon Neal Clutter
  2. Herbert Clutter was tortured before dying, with his throat slit, and then killed by a shootgun blast to the front of his face. Son Kenyon was killed the same way, with a shotgun blast to the front.
  3. In the introduction of Mr. Clutter, one of the victims from the murder, there is an image of perfection behind his figure. It seems that he has achieved what most would call The American Dream. We can tell from this quote that he's a very driven man, holding an upstanding family

The murders of Herbert, Bonnie, Nancy, and Kenyon Clutter were a psychological accident and an almost perfect crime. Who killed them? By Truman Capot e. October 1, 1965 Save this story for later.. Clutter family photo. Clutter family photo: Herb and Bonnie Clutter with their children, Nancy and Kenyon. Herbert Clutter was a devout Methodist and a widely respected self-made man, who had established a very prosperous farm from modest beginnings. He employed as many as 18 farm hands, and former employees reportedly admired and respected him The father, 48-year-old Herbert W. Clutter, was found in the basement with his son, Kenyon, 15. His wife Bonnie, 45, and a daughter, Nancy, 16, were in their beds. There were no signs of a struggle, and nothing had been stolen. The telephone lines had been cut. This is apparently the case of a psychopathic killer, Sheriff Earl Robinson said In the early morning hours of November 15, 1959, four members of the Clutter family - Herb Clutter, his wife Bonnie, and their teenage children Nancy and Kenyon - were murdered in the small farming community of Holcomb, Kansas. Two ex-convicts, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, were found guilty of the murders Two former inmates at the Kansas State Penitentiary in Lansing, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, killed farmer Herb Clutter, his wife Bonnie, and their teenage children Nancy and Kenyon. The killers tied up and shot all four victims in the head at close range with a shotgun and cut Herb Clutter's throat. The Kansas State University-educated.

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The floor has been littered with toys and sleeping bags, Mader grandchildren romping in the same spot Kenyon Clutter was killed, sitting at the Clutters' picnic table, which Kenyon might well. Unlike other videos on my channel, this one is very serious, but I just realized that it wasn't on Newsweek's YouTube channel, so I'm uploading it from my ar.. Hickock lembra de ter dito isso depois que Kenyon Clutter, de 15 anos, recebeu um tiro no rosto. A grande diferença entre ambos os relatos reside na motivação. Em sua reconstituição, segundo.

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Kenyon Clutter: el hijo más joven y único de Herb y Bonnie Clutter, el personaje menos desarrollado de la familia Clutter de Kenyon, pero sabemos que es un niño feliz y trabajador. Símbolos. Al no encontrar ninguna caja fuerte en la casa de los Clutter, Perry y Dick van hurgando en la casa buscando el dinero que pueden encontrar Outlook works around the clock to help protect your privacy and keep your inbox free of clutter. Protection delivered by the same tools Microsoft uses for business customers. Data encryption in your mailbox and after email is sent. Automatic deactivation of unsafe links that contain phishing scams, viruses, or malware

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McLain Clutter, Matt Kenyon, Anthony Pins, Pooja Dalal, Sasha Topolnytska This project was made possible by a grant from the Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning at the University of Michigan. BLDG_DRWG blurs the distinction between representation and reality. The project moves across media and between digital and physical realms to. For example, early on, there is an exchange between Nancy and Kenyon Clutter, a brother and sister who would be murdered later that day: 'Good grief, Kenyon Bewertung des Mordfalls Clutter und andere Diagnosen. Joseph Satten hielt Perry Smith für den Hauptverantwortlichen am Mord an Herbert Clutter und dessen Familie. Er legte dar, dass Smith' Biographie einem gängigen Muster für Mörder entsprach, die stellvertretend für ihre Väter oder andere Bezugspersonen, von denen sie misshandelt oder vernachlässigt worden waren, andere Personen töteten Flores para los Clutter. Hace 50 años que Holcomb fue testigo del crimen que inspiró al escritor Truman Capote para su obra maestra, 'A sangre fría'. El pueblo, enclavado en el corazón de EE.

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Kenyon College Switchboard is the place where members of the Kenyon College community gather to share resources, advice, and help of all kinds. Join and post your own Ask or Offer Connect with other Kenyonites directly without all the clutter of social media. Your message will go straight to their email inbox For what work of literature is Truman Capote best known? In Cold Blood. In 1959, Capote set about creating a new literary genre — the non-fiction novel. In Cold Blood (1966), the book that most consider his masterpiece, is the story of the 1959 murder of the four members of a Kansas farming family, the Clutters Matt Kenyon is a new media sculptor who lives and works in Buffalo, N.Y. He has participated in numerous collaborations with artists, architects, and technologists, including McLain Clutter, Adam Fure, Tiago Rorke and Wafaa Bilal In Kansas, in 1959, on a cold November night, Richard Hickock and Perry Smith drove 400 miles to a small town called Holcomb to kill a family of four they had never met; Herb and Bonnie Clutter, the father and mother. Nancy and Kenyon Clutter, the sister and brother. Dick and Perry thought they had money

Kenyon was then cut loose from the soil pipe and tied to a couch *479 in the southwest corner of the recreation room, south of the furnace room. Then the defendants taped Kenyon and his father. Then, desiring to leave no witnesses, Mr. Clutter's throat was cut, and, as a so-called act of mercy, he was shot in the head Coup de sang ou De sang froid au Québec ( In Cold Blood) est un téléfilm américano - canadien réalisé par Jonathan Kaplan, adapté de l' œuvre littéraire De sang-froid de Truman Capote, sorti en 1996. Il s'agit également du remake du film De sang-froid de Richard Brooks, sorti en 1967

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